How do you slaughter what cannot be killed?

The year was 1942 scientists were fleeing Germany. Gregor Reinwald was a biologist. His experiments were thought to be unorthodox and inhumane. Gregor never denied the accusations. Actually after he created his own son he admitted that he was in fact, lichen. He was able to extract the gene that morphed him and isolate it. He used a human embryo extracted from a dead woman and his own altered DNA to synthesize his own offspring. The child only grew to be about 4ft in height and had no distinguishing features. He was completely hairless, pale and unable to speak. The town’s people thought of him as a monster and ran the two out of town. Gregor would bring the child to a place where the boy would be accepted and his genius would be appreciated. Gregor hid him aboard a cargo vessel headed to America.    

Gregor found himself doing whatever it took to survive and moved to a place where he could live his secret life and raise his son. The two took residence in a shoddy motel in a town called Crow Hallow. Gregor took a night time position at the local Slaughterhouse.  The Slaughterhouse was the perfect cover for the unorthodox scientist. He could feed on the animals and bring back specimens to experiment on. Gregor’s appetite became increasingly insatiable. He found himself eating more and more livestock as he become engrossed in his new job. The owner of the Slaughterhouse discovered the loss of animals and believed that a wolf was killing them.  They put out a reward to the person who could kill the hell hound. Gregor weaned himself off of meat and began to drink the blood of the animals that he mopped up at night in order to survive and stay safe. Gregor secret experiments at the Slaughterhouse weaken the animals and they began to die off. Some people said it was a curse set on the livestock by local Gypsies.

The Slaughterhouse was suffering. Cattle, chicken and pig farmers left the area. The owners of the Slaughterhouse could not afford to ship in new livestock and were about to lock the doors when he approached them with a solution to their problems. Gregor would supply the livestock for the meat packing facility, in return he would be named partner and no one was to ask where he got the animals from. The owners accepted in desperation. Gregor assured his partners that he would supply the Slaughterhouse with a whole new staff. Weeks went by and production was at maximum. Pay role was at a minimum and output was better than ever. The partners did what they promised.

The nephew of the owners, Mark Hastings inherited their Uncles’ share of the company and question where the meat was coming from. Mark decided to pay a visit to the Slaughterhouse. When he entered he saw slabs of meat hanging in the coolers, the meat had human like features. The smell was almost unbearable as he trudged through the poorly lit rooms. How could so much money been made in this place? He thought. He wanted answers! He turned around and began to leave the Slaughterhouse, but he became lost and began to panic